Tombstone Park

Sometimes hours go by when travelling here in the winter and you’ll see no one.

Tombstone Territorial Park is a territorial park in central Yukon, near the southern end of the Dempster Highway, stretching from the 50.5 to the 115.0 kilometer marker. The park protects over 2100 square kilometers of rugged peaks, permafrost landforms and wildlife, including sections of the Blackstone Uplands and the Ogilvie Mountains. (per Wikipedia)

Tombstone is featured in the 1st half of Peter Morin‘s sequence. It is an incredible place and it’s only an hour and half away from Dawson City. The next services are almost 400 kilometers north.

I wanted to use this footage somehow in the film, but like a lot of amazing scenes it just didn’t fit with the final flow. Though I adopted the more drone-esque supernatural viewpoint in one helicopter scene in the film, I’m big into “the partial view” as an experience of looking. Maybe it is more organic, empathetic. This score is part of the work James made for the trailer. I think it fits really well with the landscape!

Chris Healey, Director & Co-Producer