These rotting behemoths in the winter has a dignity but also a fragility. In 10 years what will be left of this spot? The seasons here brutally punish things neglected like these old Sternwheelers pulled up on the shore.

This is some of the raw footage of these steam boats we collected for the film. It really has disintegrated quite a bit since I arrived four winter ago.

Ruin porn abounds in the Klondike. But for how much longer?
Dawson City is in the background to the left. If you are travelling here from Alaska, this site greets you.
As seen in the film, our friend Debbie. She didn’t ask to be in the film but anyone holding a camera is fair game.
That year the mushers in participating in the Yukon Quest race stayed near the Sternwheeler Graveyard despite the newly iffy conditions of the river ice that they had to traverse to access town.