Often one is asked “what do you do up there?” when people find out you live in Dawson City.

Well, there’s a place at the confluence that we like to go. Only locals know about this spot just off the main path. It has an old iron dredge bucket for a firepit, and a clear view of the skies over West Dawson.

Some friends gathered there one spring night–including James, Jeffrey, Jeremy and Debbie. Artist Bill Burns and even a photographer from Toronto showed up. It was sort of a wrap party for the documentary as principal photography was winding down. Not many dark nights left and soon the river ice would break up.

Later that night the most spectacular northern lights any of us have ever seen emerged. Hard to convey the wonder at universe dancing in front of us, but we captured some of the show with our camera. Some of that bananas lightshow footage even made it in the film.

So that’s how we pass the time during a typical evening in the Klondike.